How To Design Your Exhibition Venue and Booth

exhibition design

There are various statistics which show just how important event marketing is for businesses and organizations. One study indicates that 79% of exhibition visitors use industry events for the purpose of making their business purchase
decisions. Additionally, 83% of trade shows visitors have buying authority.

An exhibition provides you with a crucial opportunity to be able to show off. You can showcase your product, service or a skill. Exhibitions are always designed in a way that you are provided with a perfect platform to be utilized for
presenting your trade at its best. Compared with other marketing channels, an exhibition gives you an easier way to create sales and qualified exposure.

Planning For Your Exhibition Design

Because your competitors often also employ the use of exhibitions, it is imperative that you make your exhibition to stand out from the crowd. To make your exhibition a showstopper, you have to plan adequately for your exhibition event
to realize your aims. You have to first identify your business aims and they tend to vary from one business to another. The aims identified should be referred to at each stage of the planning process to avoid deviating from the course.
Some of the possible aims of different exhibitions include:

a. Photography/art exhibition

· Build a brand

· Gain a following

· Generate sales

· Promote your new work

b. Trade/Industry exhibition

· Brand awareness

· Create a buzz

· Generate market research opportunity

c. Fashion exhibition

· Promote branding

· Generate sales

· Promote a new line of products

· Generate a following

Consider Budget Eaters

After identifying your exhibition aims, you have to consider your particular budget. If you have a limited budget then for your exhibition event to be a success, you have to spend the available funds in a reasonable and sustainable manner. Some of the possible areas that may eat a huge chunk of your budget include location/venue, marketing, staff and hospitality, food and drink and furniture, décor and technology.

Designing Your Exhibition

There are various ways that you can utilize to make your exhibition venue as attractive to visitors as possible. An attractive venue guarantees that you will realize your exhibition goals. Consequently, here are some of the different
ways of designing your exhibition.

I.Your stand shape should resemble your product

For example, if you are marketing a wine product, your stand can be shaped in a way that it resembles a wine bottle. The goal is that your stand design concept should relate with your business and stand out from the crowd and therefore
attract more visitors.

II. Billboards

You can also employ the use of the design concept of giant Billboards to design your stand or exhibition. This design concept can offer your exhibition that traditional feel while still being simple and effective. To capture more the
attention of audiences/visitors, employ the use of bright colors for the purpose of Billboard design and lighting.

III. Upstairs seating

This booth or exhibition venue design concept is guaranteed to positively impact on the front desk used for discussions and answering questions as well as the product viewing area. It is also advised that the exhibition area should incorporate the use of signage, information, brochure holders and digital screens to realize the full benefits from the branding opportunities.

IV. Brand your floor space

Adding graphics to your exhibition flooring is advantageous to you because it helps in creating an overall visual impact that is great for your whole venue. Include or print anything that is eye-catching on your floor space.

In conclusion, as you have seen, there are various factors that have to be taken into consideration when planning for your exhibition to be successful. The appearance of a successful exhibition stand or venue is a combination of different factors that serve the purpose of enabling engagement, appealing to senses and helps in achieving your objectives.