Talk about the best cameras coming out in 2020

For the past decade, the camera world has experienced significant changes. Thanks to the increasingly view image. The tech industry is promising to deliver more and better cameras, especially in 2020.



This type comes with a mirror less with a full-frame of CMOS. It has a resolution 24.5 with a screen-type of 3.2-inch tilt touch screen, 2,100,000dots.

It has high-resolution EVF

It comes with a familiar and refined handling capability.

It has limited support of the XQD card but has a limit of buffer depth.

The Z6 produces picture perfect and also 4 K quality video.

Visit your nearby NIKON stall or even on eBay or Amazon to know the prices.

Fujifilm X-T30

It comes with an APS-C sensor size capacity plus a 26.1 camera resolution.

It comes with a monitor screen of 3.0 inch, tilt-angle, and touchscreen with a 425-point AF auto focus.

It’s suitable for an expert level with excellent value for money.

It produces an excellent image with a maximum shoot rate of 8 fps, with clean videos of 4 K at 30p.

It comes with a one card slot, and one can find them on eBay, Amazon, or any Fujifilm’s stalls and distributions.


Has an adequately frame CMOS sensor capacity with a resolution of 45.4 MP

Screen type of 3.2 inches, tilting touch screen, with a maximum continuous shooting speed of 7 fps.

It produces incredible image capacity with 4 K video quality, with excellent performance.

Sony A7 111

Brings out quality pictures with speed operation, comes in full-frame sensor size capability.

It has a 20.4 MP camera resolution with a 3.0-inch screen monitor with a tilting angle touch screen.

It’s able to produce a maximum continuous shoot rate of 10 fps; it user-friendly, especially for intermediate and experts.

It comes with 24 MP fantastic sensors with excellent stabilization. It’s now available on eBay.


It’s mirror less with APS-C sensor capacity.

The Z50 has a camera resolution of 20.9 MP with a screen-type of 3.2 inches tilting touchscreen.

Able to make 11 fps maximum shoot capacity, plus produces 4 K video quality and excellent images as it’s easy to handle.

Available on eBay and NIKON stalls.

Sony A6100

Suitable for beginners has it has excellent tracking in auto focus.

It’s mirror less with APS-C sensor size capacity.

Has 24.2 camera resolutions with a 2.91-inch screen type plus tilting touch screen.]Has a continuous maximum shoot capacity of 11 fps.

Great for 4 K videos with compact feature-packed.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

It’s the best camera suitable for travel. It’s a mirror less with four third sensor sizes.

Have 20.4 resolutions with a 3-inch screen plus a vari-angle touch screen.

Has incredible image stabilization with excellent image stabilization has it maximum continues shoot speed of 30 fps

Light to handle with a powerful processor. It’s available on eBay.

Panasonic Lumix ZS200 / TZ200

Despite it being expensive it’s the best camera to travel with

It has the 1-inch type of CMOS sensor with a resolution of 20.1 mps.

Has a continues shoot speed of 10 fps with 4 K video