5 Great Brand Activation Methods You Can Use Today

If you want to know about the different methods you could use to activate your brand, you are in the right place. There are several ways that you can use to push your brand name on everybody’s lips apart from the traditional advertising. Below is a description of the top five greatest brand activation methods that you can start using today

Take your brand to social media

Have you ever thought about the power of social networks? Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat offer great free-of-charge platforms where you can build and promote your brand. Showing expertise in a given area can result to a large following on these platforms. If you are capable of staying on-topic and relevant, you will garner a valuable and engaged audience on social media which may be the right step towards activating your brand. Talk back your followers by responding to their comments on your social media pages in a timely and friendly manner. You can check out some of the brands that are doing well on social media such as Starbucks for inspiration.

Sponsor an event

Sponsoring an event or product is one of the sure ways of reaching your target audience and increases your brand awareness. If you are willing to sponsor an event or a product, choose wisely. Whatever that you are sponsoring should relevant to your target audience and should bear the appropriate message. You should be wary of PR disasters that may happen leaving your company in great limbo. There are various free to use online services which can help you in finding appropriate sponsorship opportunities which will sell your brand to your target audience. An example of such a service in the UK is sponsormonster.

Influencer marketing

Over the past one year, companies have spent more than $600 million on influencer marketing programs on various social media platforms. Influencer marketing by word of mouth marketing. Brand marketers appreciate the fact that word of mouth marketing is the best form of promoting your brand. Most of us will more likely trust a recommendation or an opinion from someone we know. Influencer marketing is one way of getting that word of mouth brand promotion online rather than in person. In the real sense, influencers are not aren’t friends with the people who follow them online, but they can influence their decisions. In most cases, influencers are thought leaders and trendsetters and their followers respect their opinions and recommendations since they look up to them. If you partner with the right influencers, you can easily introduce your brand to new audiences.

Launch a PR program

Press coverage is essentially equal to free advertising, but there is much more to it since the editorial has credibility and is more likely going to convince potential customers to check out for your brand. Try as much as possible to come up with a newsworthy angle of your brand which appeals to the eyes of the editors. Perhaps you could come up with a personal story telling people about how you started your brand with the aim of encouraging anyone who reads the story. The bottom line is that you should think about something interesting that will help you push your brand to the local or national media.

Photo Booth Marketing

Brand Activation Photo Marketing is a recent trend that has really picked up among businesses. Whether you’re doing a product launch, want to build team camaraderie, or simply want a new audience to find out about your business, photo booth marketing consists of a backdrop which features your logo and products, and it’s a great social media tool since your employees will often be tagged in photos and their friends and associates can see your photos spread out virally.

Join hands with other brands

Whoever said that there is power in numbers didn’t lie. If you are capable of identifying other brands that are targeting the same kind of audience as you, but who aren’t direct competitors, there is no harm in joining hands for mutual benefit. For example, a florist can join hands with the local bridal shop and offer discounts on wedding flowers.